evolved contact case study

Building Success with Evolved Contact: A Case Study in Multi-Channel Contact Centre Solutions

Case Study: How Evolved Contact Helped a Top-5 Australian Home Builder Increase Sales and Streamline its Operations

The Challenge: Managing High Customer Demand

Managing a contact centre with high customer demand can be a daunting task for businesses in today’s fast-paced world. One of Australia’s top home builders was facing a snowball effect of issues due to the challenges of managing a high volume of enquiries. Professional sales staff were getting bogged down with servicing website enquiries instead of focusing on hot sales opportunities, while internal systems were not set up for high call volume and data management across multiple sales channels and staff. This led to wasting money, time, and talent with hours of admin work and processing.

The Solution: Partnering with Evolved Contact

To address these challenges, the home builder turned to Evolved Contact, a leading contact centre provider that specialises in performance, solutions, and delivering results. We worked closely with the home builder to develop a streamlined sales process that integrated with customer relationship management systems (CRMs) and provided cutting-edge phone systems. Together, we implemented a multi-channel approach that incorporated calls, text, email, and more, allowing them to reach more customers than ever before.

The results were impressive. Over 18 months, Evolved Contact became the main profit driver for the home builder, helping them record record profits and cement their position as one of Australia’s biggest and most trusted builders. In this case study, we’ll take a closer look at how Evolved Contact’s team-based approach, integrated technology, and multi-channel strategy helped the home builder overcome their challenges and achieve success.

The Approach: Multi-Channel Strategy and Integrated Technology

One of the key advantages of working with Evolved Contact is our team-based approach. Rather than being a traditional outsourcer, Evolved Contact prides itself on being a part of its clients’ teams. We worked closely with the home builder to understand their business and the challenges they faced, meeting weekly with management and the sales team for updates. This allowed us to be proactive in our approach and adjust our strategy as needed to meet the home builder’s evolving needs.

Evolved Contact’s multi-channel approach also played a crucial role in the success of the partnership. By incorporating various communication channels, the home builder was able to contact 500% more leads and enquiries than its internal salespeople within the same time frame. This allowed them to communicate with customers through their preferred channels and reach more potential clients.

The Results: Record Profits and Increased Customer Reach

The partnership between Evolved Contact and the home builder resulted in impressive results. With Evolved Contact’s help, the home builder was able to keep up with its high volume of enquiries without sacrificing the quality of customer service. Sales and revenue started soaring, and the home builder recorded record profits that year.

According to the home builder’s sales manager, “Working with Evolved Contact was a game changer for us. They helped us streamline our contact centre operations and reach more customers than we ever thought possible. But more than that, they became a part of our team. We couldn’t have achieved the success we did without their support and expertise.”

Evolved Contact’s multi-channel approach, integrated technology, and team-based approach have helped businesses achieve their goals and reach new heights of success. Their ability to flex and support its clients during periods of high customer demand has made it a go-to partner for businesses across a range of industries. This case study is a testament to how a strong partnership and a dedicated team can help businesses overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

The Takeaway: The Benefits of a Results-Focused Partnership.

In conclusion, the partnership between Evolved Contact and the home builder showcased the benefits of a team-based approach, integrated technology, and multi-channel strategy in meeting high customer demand. With Evolved Contact’s help, the home builder was able to streamline its operations, reach more customers than ever before, and achieve record profits. This success story highlights the importance of choosing the right partner to support your business during times of high demand and the potential benefits of outsourcing to a contact centre provider like Evolved Contact.